Animal Communication

Animal Communication, Relationships, Trust

Trust Yourself First


Nobody deserves to be stuck in one-way relationships powered by expectations and obligations that leave you running on empty...

  • Break free from obligation
  • Set good boundaries
  • Trust yourself first

Great relationships start between your head and your heart. Unplug and power up with private coaching or join one of our creative classes.

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Creative Cross Training


Classes to engage your curiosity, align with your inner wisdom and express yourself!

  1. Mandala Madness  
  2. Conversations with Canvas 
  3. Find your Intuitive Groove

If you are feeling a general lack of satisfaction or a nagging urge to express yourself, allow your creative process ot lead you.

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Coaching with Horses


Unplug and bring yourself back into alignment with the order and flow of nature. 

  • Breathe
  • Experience awareness in your body
  • Connect with healing horse power 

We offer stable space to quiet your mind, connect with your body and stand in your truth. Schedule a private session or custom group for up to 6 people. 

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Sacred Earth Circle


Back by popular demand! 

This full day immersion includes Shamanic Breath work facilitated by John Teeuw (Sage Raven), an individual expressive art project and direct contact with Horse healing team facilitated by Michelle!  

We are offering 4 dates in 2019. When you click the button to hold your space, you can choose your date.

Space is limited.  

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Why Horses?


 Horses are masters of authenticity. Horses engage fully in every moment as it is. No should or what if. No judgement, No lies.

In the presence of horses, you can align with your inner wisdom and get clarity about what matters most from the inside out. 

Jack, Lonestar and Cheese (pictured above) have been supporting Clients since 2013. We would love to see you soon!

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Answers to FAQ...


  • Animal communication and Private coaching calls are conducted by phone or online with clients across the US and internationally.
  • Classes and events are held in Lebanon, Ohio.
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • Payment is collected through PayPal at registration.
  • Directions and details are sent with registration confirmation. 

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