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I have always talked to animals in my own life. Since 2011 I have worked professionally facilitating conversations with pets and their people. We can discuss specific issues, individual needs and learn how your companion is feeling from his or her point of view.

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Your pet is the first priority. S/he checks in with what is most important before any questions are asked. Animal Communication is designed to listen and learn more about your pet's point of view. Most conversations last about 30 minutes and cover a general overview or a specific situation.

All Pets are Welcome


Michelle has worked with a wide variety of pets and farm animals who share space with people. Most conversations focus on general wellness and family life. No, I've never met anyone with a pet butterfly...and--Yes, I can facilitate talks with animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

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Thank you!

Sharing the good ...

Thanks to all who connected with me in 2018. It was a pleasure to share with each one of you and be a part of the conversation with your animal companion. 

Thanks to all who booked during special promotions when a portion of the session payment was donated to charity. More Than $500 in donations were collected and distributed to the Humane Association of Warren County. 

Thanks to each of you who shared my name as a referral and encouraged me to expand. I'm looking forward to more conversations and special promotions in 2019!


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Animal Communication

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