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I have always talked to animals in my own life. Since 2011 I have worked professionally facilitating conversations with pets and their people. We can discuss specific issues, individual needs and learn how your companion is feeling from his or her point of view.

Listen First


Your pet is the first priority. S/he checks in with what is most important before any questions are asked. Animal Communication is designed to listen and learn more about your pet's point of view. Most conversations last about 30 minutes and cover a general overview or a specific situation.

All Pets are Welcome


Michelle has worked with a wide variety of pets and farm animals who share space with people. Most conversations focus on general wellness and family life. No, I've never met anyone with a pet butterfly...and--Yes, I can facilitate talks with animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

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Thank you!

I appreciate referrals ...

Thanks to every single person who chooses animal communication to strengthen the relationship with your pet.  I am grateful for being a part of your process.

Referrals are the backbone of my practice. If you refer someone who schedules a session, I enter your name into a monthly drawing.  If you name is selected, I will donate $50 to the animal charity of your choice. 

Thanks to each of you who shared my name as a referral and encouraged me to expand. I'm looking forward to more conversations and new offerings coming this fall!


How sessions work...


It's like a 3-way phone call

You don't have to be with your animal during the session. We will connect by phone and invite your pet to join in the conversation. The connection is not always obvious if you are in the room with your companion. Sometimes they participate in a way that seems obvious and other times they may appear to be napping of focused on some other thing. I can connect with you and your pet partner from anywhere there is phone reception. 


Prior to all sessions, I ask you to do 2 things. Thing 1: Send a photo of your pet. Thing 2: Give him your permission to talk with me at our scheduled appointment time. 

Common topics

Most pets are delighted to connect and clarify day-to-day routine and relationship topics. Relationships are my first priority. Your pet has an opinion about most things and a reason for her actions and behaviors. If there is a specific behavior or conflict you want to address, it may take more than one session. 

I don't diagnose...

  I am not a medical professional and I don't diagnose any conditions.  I share what your pet shares with me. This includes how your pet may be feeling physically from his or her point of view.  Sometimes, information from a session will give you feedback related to a specific medical situation you are addressing with your veterinarian.   

Emergency - priority scheduling

If you have a medical emergency, contact your veterinarian or emergency clinic. As a reminder -- I don't diagnose any conditions. Emergency sessions are ones that need priority scheduling, ASAP.  If you have an urgent concern that needs priority scheduling, it is best to call and leave a message. In most cases I can accommodate quick scheduling.  

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